Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Welcome Post:Future Energy Systems

                           FUTURE ENERGY SYSTEMS:   Solar Energy


The Beautiful thing about Sun is, amongst it's many responsibilities, it gives us free Energy, you do not need to pay the government for your sunlight ,you do not need to pay your landlord for your sunlight,and yet we have not even begun to scratch the surface of the potential in the sunlight we receive everyday.

      All over the world energy is needed for basically everything, there are essentially two types of energy, renewable and non-renewable source of energy.
      Solar energy which comes from the sun is a renewable source of energy, which means, it is basically not depleted when used.  It is said that all the energy stored in Earth's reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas is matched by the energy from just 20 days of sunshine.

    The amount of energy from the sun that falls on Earth's surface is enormous, again it is also said that the amount of solar energy that falls on the earth’s surface in 40 minutes is equal to the total yearly energy consumption everyone on planet earth. In other words, 27 years’ worth of worldwide energy consumption equals only one day’s worth of solar energy reaching planet earth. Yet only a minute fraction of this energy is being used, put into context only an insignificant percentage is being effectively utilized is being used

  Here in Nigeria we need to figure out how to make good use of this precious gift, and that can only happen if we open up our minds to creative ways in which we can include the application of Solar Energy in our everyday life,who said we can not have our roads, paved with substances that absorb sunlight energy and convert them into electricity in the nearest future, our roofs also can be entirely made up up of Solar Materials sufficient enough to power the house itself...

There are a lot of opportunities for diverse application of solar in our day to day lifes,
    Feel free to post your comments on creative ways Solar Energy Systems can be applied in our everyday life. You can also post comments on specific areas on Solar Energy that you do not understand, and maybe we would treat it on our upcoming posts.