Thursday, 9 February 2017



   Today we would continue from where we stopped yesterday, we would be discussing
the following terms.
.1) Irradiance
.2) Insolation
.3) Photovoltaic array
.4) Battery array

Irradiance (G):
    This is simply how much power the sun is delivering to a particular area. It is measured in Watts per meter square (w/m²).
On a very clear sunny day, the expected value for irradiance is 1000 w/m²,this is the standard value.
    Insolation is the power that the sun deliver to a particular area over a particular time, Insolation is very important and also very necessary for us to get our Peak Sun Hour (PSH), for a particular area. Peak sun hours was explained in our previous article (Day 27).

The power from the sun varies during the day from sunrise to sunset, but for a solar designer we are interested in the period of time that this value is 1000w/m².
Insolation can also be referred to as the average irradiance, since it gives us the average time when the sun is 1000w/m².We need this value to determine our PSH for a particular area.

Photovoltaic array
This refers to a number of solar panels connected to each other, generating electricity as a single unit.The total power of the photo voltaic array is a combination of the power output of the individual panels.

Battery array
This refers to a number of batteries connected to each other generating power as a single unit.


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