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        DAY   3  #100DAYSOFSOLARNUGGETS              

         One of the major use of solar energy is to generate Electricity, Be it to power your home, or maybe Solar borehole which is strictly for pumping water, Solar streetlights.

       Very few applications of solar energy exist in which you do not have to covert the energy from the sun to electricity, one of such application is solar water heater which basically traps the heat energy from the sun and use the energy to heat up the water (discussion for another day).
So that being said it is very important to understand the concept of electricity, I may get a little bit technical here with some ambiguous(or maybe not so ambiguous term) and I apologize .

What is Electricity????

Electricity is a flow of electrons in a circuit , Electric Energy is simply the energy we use to power our devices (Fridge, Air-conditioner, Desktops e.t.c.)
Now there are some terms that we must understand if we must fully grasp the meaning of Electricity. These are the basic building blocks and they are
1.     Current (amps) (I) : This is the flow of electric charge or electrons in a circuit, it is measured in amperes(amps) and it’s symbol is I .
2.     Voltage (volts) (V) : This is the potential difference between two points in an electric circuit or the force which causes electrons to flow in a circuit.
3.     Wattage (watts) (W) : This is measurement of power, it is the rate at which electric energy is converted or dissipated.
4.     Resistance (ohms) (R) : This is simply the opposition to the flow of current, it is measured in ohms
That being said, I want us to be aware of some simple equations
Equation (i) Voltage (V) = Current (I) x Resistance(R)
                              (V) = (I) (R)
Equation ii Wattage (W) = Voltage (V) x Current (I) …
                                 (W) = (V) (I)
Day 3 of #100DaysofSolarNuggets

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