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Day 11 of #100daysofsolarNuggets

                     Today we are going to talk about SOLAR PANELS

       Solar panels or more technically photovoltaic (PV) panels are the engine room for the success of any solar energy system.They generate the Electrical energy that sustains the solar energy system.

Why are they called Photovoltaic. ??????
         Photovoltaic(PV) relates to the ability to generate electric current in the presence of Light or in the case of solar panels, the ability to generate electric current in the presence of sunlight.
Solar Panels have this photovolatic ability because they are made of wafers or cells of semiconductor material that use sunlight to generate direct current (DC) electricity.

Now the amount of electricity a solar panel produces depends on three main things:
I.          The amount of sunlight hitting the panel: The amount of sunlight hitting the sun greatly affects the Power output at any given point in time,that is why any thing that blocks the solar panel from receiving maximum Sunlight,seriously affects the Solar Energy system.
Example of things that can hinder the panels from receiving maximum sunlight
.1) Clouds
.2) Shading from nearby buildings or tress

II.          The size of the panel: There are different sizes of panels and each of them have thier own different power ratings.There are small panels that have power ratings as low as 45watts and we have large panels that have power ratings of 350watts or more.

III.          The efficiency of the solar cells inside: The efficiency of the panels is also a great determinant to the amount of electricity that a solar panel can produce.There are different types of solar panel and each of them have their own different efficiencies.

More about Solar Panels
Solar panels are rated in wattage and this is the maximum power they can produce in an ideal situation ( please do note that in practical real life scenarios, we can not achieve an ideal condition)
  Multiple panels combined together are called solar arrays. The solar panel play a very vital role in a solar energy system, commonly the solar panel is designed for the long period has an average life span of 25 years although it can do  more than this.

                                 Understanding the Name plate of Solar Panel

                 When you purchase a Solar panel, it comes with a name plate, this is simply a piece of paper with the properties of the solar panel written on it. Most times it is found underneath the solar panel.

Maximum Power means it can deliver maximum 250 Watts electricity.
Maximum Voltage means its maximum output voltage is 31.2V.
Open Circuit Voltage means the voltage without load that is 37.56V
Maximum Current means the maximum output current the solar can deliver
Short Circuit Current means the current when there is little or no load/appliance/device attached.
Maximum System Voltage when we connect the solar panel together in series the voltage limit we have is 1000 Watts

Types of Solar Panels
 There are different types of solar panels,but we would look at three(3) different types
 .1) Mono-crystalline
 .2) Poly-crystalline
 .3) Amorphours

Please do note there are other types of Solar panels,but we would be talking about this three(3).
Day 11 of #100daysofsolarNuggets

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