Thursday, 26 January 2017


Day 17 of #100daysofsolarnuggets

Good day everyone,
   The past two days we have talked about batteries, Lead acid batteries in particular. Lead Acid Batteries are the more popular choice of batteries when it comes to solar installation, but there exist other kinds of batteries that are also used.

    I would discuss about those batteries, I believe this knowledge would would help inform our choice of batteries when setting up a solar energy system.

Lithium-ion batteries
     This type of batteries are not as popular as the Lead acid batteries, but they are very good batteries, Lithium batteries are an improvement in energy storage techniques, when compared to the deep cycle batteries that has been around for a long time Lithium batteries are a relatively new technology.

    Unique features.

       Lithium-ion batteries have an amazing near 100% efficiency, this simply means if it says it would give out 10kwh, It would give 10kwh, unlike the deep cycle batteries that have about 50% efficiency.(to preserve the life span of the lead acid batteries, you are advised not to discharge it below 50%,while lithium batteries can be discharged till it's near empty).

     Lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan, can perform at least 3 times more cycles(charging and discharging) than a lead acid battery.

      Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher cost compared to lead acid batteries in the ratio of 2:1

     Lastly it is worthy of note that lithium batteries are a much cleaner technology and this feature is in line with our goal for clean green energy.

Nickel based batteries
      We have both Nickel cadmium and Nickel iron batteries.
      They have almost the same properties as Lead Acid batteries, efficiency ratings of about 50% and also require occasional toppings.They release gases so they should be located in a well ventilated area.
      Nickel cadmium is not ideally suited for daily use as it would die out very quickly.

    Tomorrow we would be discussing factors to consider when choosing a battery bank for our system,

Day 17 of #100daysofsolar nuggets

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