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   Day 8 of  #100daysofsolarnuggets

        Welcome everyone, to another interesting day. Today we would be discussing about Electricity again (Yes electricity). I would love all those new to the concept of electricity/electronics to read today’s article with an open mind and I promise to make this topic as simple as possible to understand

What is an Electric circuit?
     An electric circuit is simply a pathway for electrical charges to flow from a power source through a conductor (wire) to a load and back to the power source.
      Now you do not really need to bother yourself so much about what an electrical charge  is, the basic thing you need to know is that, once an electric charge gets to your device let’s say light bulb or refrigerator it supplies power to the device.

                                             Simple Electric circuit

          Now for an electric circuit to be complete there are some basic components that must be present.
.1) Power source. This supplies the energy that is used in an Electric circuit. In our case this would be the battery or the solar Panels. Anything that can generate electric energy can be a power source.

.2)  Load. This is a device or an appliance that uses or rather consumes the energy that is produced. This can be any appliance in the house. Light bulb, Fans, T.V they are all electrical loads.

.3) Conductor. This is any material that allows Electric current to flow through it. Electrical wires used in Installation are good conductors of electricity. 

.4) Switch. A switch is used to control the flow of electric charges. It is simply used to turn the electric circuit On and Off.

When the switch is On, we call the circuit a closed circuit. This means that electric charges can flow freely within the circuit.
When the switch is Off, we call the circuit an open circuit, which means electrical charges can no longer flow.

Picture this

An electric switch works just the same way the tap works. 

( Take note of this terms open circuit and close circuit, as we would be using the term in upcoming posts)
I know some people may be asking how does this relate to solar Energy, but in later post, you would understand why.
Now there are two common types of Electric circuit. They are
.1) Series Circuit
.2) Parallel Circuit

Day 8 of #100daysofsolarnuggets

To be continued.

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