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Day 14: RENEWABLE ENERGY: The Introduction

Day 14 of #100DaysofSolarnuggets

        Every Monday we try to discuss about an interesting topic or interesting happenings our world,Today I would be introducing renewable Energy and its impact on the Earth. I would try to introduce the concept of renewable energy as a whole, I would later break it into bits that would be very easy for everyone to understand, that would be done with subsequent articles that would be released.

     Energy is used in our daily lives for almost everything,we need it in our day to day activities,we need it to generate  electricity,water,gas.We need it to power our  cars, factories, industries and the rest.The general idea is that, energy is very important, we can not do without energy.

        I stated in the previous post that there are two forms of energy, we have Renewable and Non-renewable energy.

Non-Renewable sources of energy
   Non-renewable forms of energy are basically fossil fuels in different forms
.1) Petroleum products (PMS,Diesel)
 .2) Coal
 .3) Natural gas.(gas flaring)

Renewable sources of energy
Some examples of renewable forms of energy
.1) Solar Energy
.2) Wind Energy
.3) Biomass
.4) Hydroelectric Energy

Why the interest in Renewable Energy
       Long before now, Non-renewable forms of energy have been the predominant, readily available source of energy .It caused the human age to improve at an unprecedented rate. With the discovery of Oil in Pennsylvania in 1859,humans where able to build giant industries, factories, Automobiles, Aeroplanes and even conquer space.

      But this fossil fuels had their disadvantages, they were limited and not only are these fossil fuels limited, they are also slowly killing our planet earth. When we use this forms of energy we release some gases into the atmosphere, a great portion of those gases are harmful to our atmosphere, this gases are called greenhouse gases and they lead to global warming.

     Global warming is simply the increase in overall temperature of the earths atmosphere.
    The threat of global warming is very real, it includes but not limited to
.1) The melting of ice glaciers
.2) Increase in sea and ocean levels
.3) Floods

Global Warming is not the only negative effect of using fossil fuels, we also have others like,

.a) Pollution
.b) Acid rain

   The truth is overtime,this form of energy(non-renewable form of energy) causes us more harm than good. Renewable energy is the  solution to our Energy crisis.

  The United Nations came up with  Sustainable Development Goal 7, this is to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all .
One of the target of this goal is to increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030.

      There are also intensified efforts to reduce emissions of  Co2, and this can be achieved by reducing or totally eliminating the use of fossil fuels,Yes Renewable Energy still has a long way to go,before it can  become the dominant form of energy on planet earth,but i believe with research and improvements in it's technology,It would  become readily available and easily accessible.

To be continued

day 14 of #100daysofsolarnuggets

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