Saturday, 21 January 2017

DAY 12: SOLAR PANELS(PV) contd...

Welcome, today we would be looking at some of the different types of solar panel that are available.
      So you have made up your mind to install a solar energy system in your home or maybe your office, you go to purchase the solar panels you need, after some time of searching and surveying, you get confused, why ? You realized that there are different types of solar panels.
·         How do you decide which to buy??
·         What are the various advantages and disadvantages of the different panels
·         What are their unique features, the distinguishing characteristics that make each differ from the rest.

Now we would be looking at three common types of panels we have available 

1        Monocrystalline solar cells

Monocrystalline Solar panels are dark black in color, they have the highest efficiency compared to the other types of Solar panels, that means is the best type of solar panel out of the three.
    If there is a competition to find out who would generate more electricity between the three types of Solar panel for a particular wattage, The Mono crystalline solar panel would win with a landslide victory

.1) It has a very high efficiency rating

.1) It is very expensive


Poly-crystalline cell are either light or dark blue in color,they are not as efficient as the mono-crystalline types,

.1) They are cheaper than their mono-crystalline counter parts

.1) They are not as efficient mono-crystalline cells

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