Wednesday, 11 January 2017


              DAY 2 #100DAYSOFSOLARNUGGETS



   Today we are going to look at generation of Solar power as a whole so that everyone has a general idea, It may seem confusing at first but in later posts we would break it down into smaller bits and expatiate further. I just want everyone to get an overall idea of what really happens 

   There are four basic building blocks of Solar Energy systems or Photovoltaic (PV) Systems (In upcoming post I would explain why it is called Photovoltaic) .
.1) Solar Panels (Photovoltaics): Generate Electric Energy
.2) Charge Controller: Control the charging of the batteries
.3) Inverter: Convers Direct Current (D.C.) TO Alternating Current (A.C.) (would explain this later)
.4) Battery: Stores Electric Energy

As I said, this are the basics that are needed, but that does not mean that this are the only things we need, because we would need wiring(Wires…lots of wires) and at least a load (appliance to consume the energy generated).
       So what really happens and how do we generate Energy.

         When The sun shines on the Solar Panels, The solar panels generate Electric Current, this Electric current the flows through the wires to the Charge controller .The Charge controller controls charging of the batteries to ensure they are not over charged(over charging kills the batteries). Batteries store the energy that would be used at Night, when the sun is no more. Then from the batteries to the Inverter. The inverter converts the Electric Energy [Direct Current (D.C.)] generated from the panels (during the day) and the batteries (during the Night) to Alternating Current (A.C.) which we use to power our house hold appliances.

Wow. I know I might have confused some of my readers, I just ask that you bear with me, follow me In due time, everything would be crystal clear.

I just want to end this post by emphasizing on this

Solar panels generate Direct current (D.C.)
Batteries Generate Direct current (D.C)
And the inverter convers Direct current To Alternating Current (A.C.), this is because most of our house hold appliances are powered by Alternating current (A.C.).

Please feel free to post your questions, comments and suggestions.


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