Monday, 9 January 2017

Solar Energy Systems : Grid Connected Systems Explained

 Grid Connected Systems Explained

Today am doing a thread on Solar Energy Systems
There are basically three types of Solar Energy systems, This is not to say that this are the only solar energy systems that exists, We have systems such as Solar Boreholes, Solar Street lights and the likes..
That being said , the three types are.

.a) Grid connected solar energy systems.
b) Off-grid solar energy systems.
.c) Backup Solar systems

Let us discuss Grid Connected Solar Systems

In layman's terms this type of solar system occurs when a building is running on solar energy and also connected to the grid (Utility Company/Energy provider).
The main source of energy for your building/house is solar energy, but you are also connected to the grid, this may be for a variety of reason...
When I mean grid, I am referring to your Utility Company or your energy provider as the case may be...
Using this solar system, you can never have a downtime (a time when there is no power in your building) Cause when there is an emergency or you need to shut down your Solar energy system for any reason whatsoever ,you simply switch over to the energy supply from the grid.
Also If you can't afford the off grid solar energy system, you can start with grid connected Solar energy system and upgrade your system later.
Reverse metering is also a feature of this solar energy system,
What is reverse Metering?????
Reverse metering occurs when you feed excess energy from your solar system into the grid and get paid for it, this is an avenue where people with grid connected solar systems can make money off the excess energy they produce.
Reverse metering occurs when you can take power from the grid and also supply power to the grid when you have excess and get paid.
Simply put, the utility company pays you because you supplied more Energy to them from your solar energy system than you took from them when you had to use the energy from the grid.
Feel free to post your suggestions or comments...

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